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But who is Maman Manuelle ?
Maman ManuelleI am Charlotte, mother of two young girls, self entrepreneur since May 2018. The idea of slippers came when my mother, for professional reasons, stopped making slippers for my daughters. So I started to make my first pair. Spotted in the wake by my daughter's crib ; that's it, the machine is launched. For the first year, I opted for the recycling option of sofas, leather jackets. Everything goes into it.

You have been numerous with always more desires, patterns and different colors. It was necessary to stock elsewhere where the stock is regular and varied to meet your wishes in a minimum of time. The idea of offering you a website has matured because my daughters have grown up. From a complement of activity, I would like to make my passion, my main activity. The site is, in my opinion, the best solution to make me known. I hope it worldwide !! However, I remain a small structure with only a salaried employee myself.

Your orders made on demand would have a shorter manufacturing time if a stock existed, but you will have the pair that you will probably not find anywhere else. You now have the green light to personalize the gifts of your families, friends, colleagues and why not employees... My future projects ? You offer small leather goods. See you soon and thank you for your support and loyalty.
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Custom slippers 100% handmade manufacture « made in Normandy »
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